We are pleased to announce the fourth calligraphy and lettering festival — Calligrafest — which will take place from November 9th to November 15th online.

The main goal of Calligrafest is the creation of a single professional community in which specialists could share their experiences, helping each other to develop. We want to unite different schools and studios with the idea of popularizing the art of writing in general and the development of calligraphy in particular. We also try to bring Cyrillic calligraphy to the world stage and introduce it to as many people as possible so that it takes its rightful place among other types of writing that are equally beautiful and rich in history.

Each year, the festival gathers many talented young calligraphers who practice writing in various directions and are engaged in the art of writing. The most eminent writing professionals perform at the festival venues, and networking of the festival’s public events brings together hundreds of interested people. This year you will find an even larger program, new conference speakers, an online exhibition of calligraphy and incredible workshops of famous world stars of calligraphy.


November 9th — 15th

The conference is the central event of Calligrafest. For two days, it will bring together leading calligraphers from different cities and countries. We invite you to become spectators and participants of lectures, workshops, discussions! Everything will be held online and you will be able to keep an access to recordings for one full year.


Monday 09.11

19:00. Denis Brown. Layered Calligraphy & Shadow Boxes

Tuesday 10.11

19:00. Massimo Polello. The blue book

Wednesday 11.11

19:00. Nina Tran. Gothicized Italic: An Overview LIVE

Thursday 12.11

18:30. Eleanor Winters. Copperplate Minuscule Variations +ZOOM

Friday 13.11

19:00. Gisella Biondani. Water and color marks — Watercolour, composition and gestural calligraphy

Saturday 14.11

12:00. Irina Lebedeva. Carolingian minuscule

13:00. Alex Mankuta. Calligraphy Jazz

14:00. Alex Stelmashonok. Big projects: survival guide

15:00. Yuri Koverdyaev. Copperplate Flourishing

16:00. Anna Suvorova. Brush Pen Calligraphy for Beginners

17:00. Olga Varlamova. Russian Uncial Flourishing

19:00. Karen Ness. Calligraphy, Community and Continuity: A Live Discussion LIVE

30 USD

One-time payment for one year access to all of the videos for one year.

Rethinking the Line

The Calligrafest festival is glad to host a calligraphy exhibition. Everyone were invited to propose works for the online exhibition, and the best of the best will be marked and exhibited during next year.

This year’s online exhibition is open.


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