The main goal of the Calligrafest festival is to maintain a professional calligraphic community, in which professionals share their knowledge and experience, thereby helping each other to develop.

We bring together calligraphers from around the world, professionals and amateurs, we help develop a network of acquaintances for joint interaction and popularization of calligraphy as an art form.

This year, in honor of the anniversary of the festival, we are announcing a new program and updating the structure of the event. The conference will last 2 weeks. Part of the program will remain in the participant’s personal account (annual access), and part of the program will be available exclusively during the festival.

2 weeks 5 blocks lectures & workshops 3 intensive courses international online exhibition


The Calligrafest festival is glad to host a calligraphy exhibition. Everyone were invited to propose works for the online exhibition, and the best of the best will be marked and exhibited during next year.

This year’s online exhibition is open for submissions.


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Official hashtags: #calligrafest, #calligrafest2021