Calligrafest: The Force Awakens

November, 2021

We again invite all calligraphers to unite and take part in a large-scale exhibition of calligraphic works!

For a whole year we have been under the pressure of quarantine, and this could not but affect our creativity. Now it’s time to stir up, wake up your self, your desires and passions, be filled with inspiration and infect everyone around!

In honor of the 5th anniversary Calligrafest, we are making the exhibition even larger. We invite calligraphers from any country, working in any writing system, to participate. This year there are no restrictions on working exclusively with the Cyrillic or Latin alphabet. You can choose any language and any writing tradition: be it Arabic script, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean or Chinese characters. To hook, to inspire, to open horizons – this is the goal of The Force Awakens.

Submission of applications for participation in the exhibition: until October 15, 2021.

Application form

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