Calligrafest: Rethinking the Line

November 3-8, 2020

We again invite all calligraphers to unite and take part in a large online-exhibition of calligraphic works! Everyone is invited to participate in the exhibition.

This year is a real challenge for many people — we’re facing not just a local, but a global crisis where most of us were locked at home to stay safe. Such an abrupt change in our living conditions affected not only a daily routine but even our state of mind. Many of us began to think about our place in this world, revised some values, set priorities differently. Some were forced to leave calligraphy, and for some it became a safe haven in these difficult times…

We urge you to express in your works all your thoughts, worries and struggles that you’ve been through or may have, as creating is the best cure. Pour out your feelings about the current situation on paper: if quarantine helped you to master a new direction in calligraphy, share it. If quarantine has become a real test for you, pour your pain on paper. If your life has not changed, show it in your work. Let’s help each other to cope with these difficult circumstances and unite with the only superpower we possess — the calligraphic line.

This year’s theme is changes (or their absence) in anything: yourself, the world around you, creativity, etc. We suggest that you look at yourself and your work from a new angle, try new techniques, work in an unusual genre or, on the contrary, show the inviolability of your convictions against the changes in the world.

You can choose any language and any type of script. This can be any historical hand, lettering, or gestural calligraphy; on paper, on canvas, on glass, on wood, on your choice of medium!

Only new works (not previously exhibited at other exhibitions) are accepted for the exhibition. You are allowed to show the process of creation or the finished piece on social networks though.

All works submitted for participation will be presented on the Festival’s Online Museum as well as authors’/calligraphers’ ideas and thoughts on exhibited works. The best art pieces will be selected for an offline exhibition next year, as well as for a catalog and further exhibits.

Together with the original works, non-exclusive rights to use a digital copy of the work for 5 years are transferred to the organizer.

Requirements and conditions

How to take part in the exhibition:
  1. A calligrapher of any level can take part in the exhibition.
  2. Fill out an online application on our website and submit a high quality photo of your artwork with the application. Note that all fields in the application form are required to be filled out.
  3. The deadline for submitting your application is the 30th of October 2020.
  4. Each application and artwork received is reviewed by the committee who then select the most unique artworks from all applications for featuring in the exhibition next year (to be confirmed by the author of a piece).

Application form

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