October, 3rd & 4th. St. Petersburg

Michael Sull

Introduction to Spencerian Script

Date: October, 3rd. Time: 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Language: English.

Course price: 100 €. Week stay with hotel, visa support, and dinners during workshop: 550 €.

This course introduces participants to the beautiful American writing style known as the Spencerian script. It was developed in the 1820s by Platt Rogers Spencer, who is also called the “father of American writing”. The world famous calligrapher Michael Sall will explain in detail the unique features and principles of the oblique penholder, as well as talk about the most suitable nibs and inks for spencerian. Then there will be a conversation about the basic concepts of Spencerian: ovals, movement of fingers, a brush and the whole hand, the principle of contrast and variability of this type of writing, its lowercase and capital letters, the correct position and work of the fingers, arm and shoulder. Michael will also talk about the correct position of the body when writing, the writing area and the correct position of the sheet of paper, show the exercises of the distance between the letters (Cross-Drill exercises). Original examples of the works of the great American calligrapher masters of the past will be available for study throughout the course.

Calligraphic experience is not required. Special oblique penholders made by Michael himself can be purchased during the course.


Masterpiece Flourishing [Advanced]

Date: October, 4th. Time: 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Language: English.

Course price: 150 €. Week stay with hotel, visa support, and dinners during workshop: 600 €.

In America of the end of the XIX century, the writing style called “Spencerian” was used for accounting, business and personal correspondence almost everywhere. The popularity of Spencerian, as well as the improvement in the production of steel nibs, encouraged calligraphers to develop more decorative letter shapes, from which a new artistic style known as Off-Hand Flourishing grew. The use of highly decorated capital letters and strokes led to the birth of a new level of mastery of the Spencerian skills, called the Ornamental Penmanship. Together with world-famous calligrapher Michael Sull, we will go on a journey through the techniques of creating this unique form of writing and consider ways of decorating Gothic capital letters with beautiful strokes that were so often used in headings, including certificates.

To participate in the intensive, you need an initial calligraphic experience in copperplate (English italics) or Spencerian. You are given a truly unique opportunity to learn personally from the most respected and experienced master of Spencerian in America. Join our classes to become part of the most exciting journey into the world of American calligraphy!


About Michael Sull

An expert in spencerian and ornamental writing, an internationally recognized master of calligraphy and a teacher, a member of the American organization IAMPETH. He was a calligrapher of Ronald Reagan after his presidency. Michael is an unrivaled contemporary master of handwriting Spencerian, the author of textbooks on Spencerian and Ornamental. He currently works at the educational organization Zaner-Bloser, directs the Curriculum at Ink Academy and is developing his own educational program, separate from IAMPETH. Participant of the Calligrafest conferences in 2017 and 2018.

About Calligrafest and Russia

Calligrafest is the leading calligraphy and lettering event in Russia held the third time in a row in St. Petersburg. The festival unites the calligraphy community and brings the leading masters of Cyrillic and Latin calligraphy to the beautiful Russian city.

If you were thinking of visiting Russia and are keen of seeing a master in the masterpiece city, reach us and we’ll help to organize a great travelling and studying experience to one of the most beautiful European cities.